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NASA's Amazing Fake Space Shuttle, the Uncertainty Index and More Morning #Mustreads

The coolest spaceship that never flew.


Good morning!

Here’s what you should be looking at on the Internet, brought to you by Re/code:

  1. Before NASA actually launched shuttles into space, they first had to build lots of prototypes and test gizmos to see what worked. Perhaps the most expensive and important of these experiment objects was the Enterprise, a full-sized fake shuttle named after the famed “Star Trek” ship. Ars Technica visited the Enterprise at its home aboard the USS Intrepid aeronautical museum, and learned about how the shuttle helped NASA identify what went wrong with the Columbia explosion in 2003.
  2. You think the industry you work in is going through turmoil? Join the club. But the Harvard Business Review has tried to figure out which industries are facing the most upheaval — or in their words, “uncertainty” — and they have charts and graphs to explain their conclusions. Spoiler: If you work in the medical equipment business, better stock up on Rolaids.
  3. At Science of Us, the New York Magazine science site launched earlier this year, Abe Riesman reported on an initiative to make Newark’s streets safer through positive, “touch-feely” signage, and the kooky British artist behind the project. Whether or not brightly-colored signs reading “HONK LESS, LOVE MORE” will make a difference, donor-backed “happy street signs” are already generating good buzz for the city and its new mayor, Ras Baraka.
  4. The car isn’t going away, but bikes are definitely on the rise. And with that, increased attention on bike safety — remember the videos of that guy crashing while in New York City bike lanes to prove they weren’t safe? — Scientific American has a neat report and audio segment on Intel’s project for biker “black boxes,” a less extreme but highly practical take on the GoPro.
  5. Crime thriller “The Drop,” featuring “Sopranos” star James Gandolfini in his last screen role, came out this past weekend. A number of critics are calling it one of the best movies of the year. Here’s the trailer.

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