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Apple, Apple and More Apple as Re/code Hit the Airwaves This Week

It was a big week for Apple -- and for Re/code staffers hitting the airwaves talking about Apple's big week.

Vjeran Pavic

It was a big week for Apple — and a big week for Re/code staffers hitting the airwaves talking about Apple’s big week.

Without further ado, here’s Walt Mossberg on CNBC, noting how, with this week’s product launches, this is clearly now Tim Cook’s Apple:

Walt also talked about the new iPhones as part of the “NBC Nightly News” coverage:

Kara Swisher on CNBC discussing the battery life of the Apple Watch:

Arik Hesseldahl on the impact of Apple’s new products:

Ahead of the event, Lauren Goode appeared on CNBC to talk about what it means to be launching a new phone in a mature smartphone market:

Peter Kafka, meanwhile, talked about what Apple’s latest efforts could mean for the company’s bottom line:

Commerce reporter Jason Del Rey was on CNBC talking about Apple’s payment efforts:

Walt also shared his expectations and thoughts on what a watch launch says about Tim Cook’s Apple:

For those looking for a weekend listen, rather than something to watch, here’s Edmund Lee on NPR’s “Here & Now,” ahead of the event.

Kara also appeared on Here & Now, talking about the Apple Watch.

Re/code doesn’t only talk Apple, though. Kara appeared on CNBC to talk about Alibaba’s upcoming IPO, and the company’s prospects:

And tech policy reporter Amy Schatz went on the NPR sports show “Only a Game” to talk about the Federal Communications Commission’s possible changes to the NFL’s TV blackout rules.

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