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T-Mobile to Upgrade iPhone "Test-Drive" Units to iOS 8, With iPhone 6 Coming

The new software could land on the test units as soon as next week, while the move to using iPhone 6 will have to wait for broader availability.


T-Mobile, which has been letting potential customers try out an iPhone 5s for free, says it wants to incorporate Apple’s latest technology into its program.

The carrier told Re/code that it will start upgrading the test phones to iOS 8 as soon as next week, assuming all goes well with its quality-assurance testing.

It also wants to eventually switch the testing program over to iPhone 6 models, but that will have to wait for a broader supply of Apple’s phones.

“We don’t have a definitive timeline, but we do intend to switch over in future,” a T-Mobile spokesperson said. “There are a variety of factors that affect that timeline, (including) product availability.”

T-Mobile announced the test-drive program in June, saying at the time that it hoped a million people would take advantage of the opportunity to try out the company’s network. Under the program, people can use the phones for a week and then drop them off at any T-Mobile store.

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