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Tim Cook Says Apple Working on Products That Haven't Even Been Rumored Yet

In an interview with Charlie Rose, Apple's CEO talks about the company's interest in TV, the legacy of Steve Jobs, and the acquisition of Beats.

Vjeran Pavic

With all the leaks around the latest iPhones and Apple Watch, it’s easy to assume that Apple can’t keep a secret anymore.

Easy, but wrong.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said on Friday that not everything Apple is up to has hit the rumor mill.

“There are products we’re working on that no one knows about, yes — that haven’t been rumored about yet,” Cook said in an interview with Charlie Rose. Some of those will end up becoming great Apple products, while others will probably be shelved, Cook said.

“We kick around a lot of things internally,” he said, noting earlier in the interview that if you took one of each of the products Apple makes, they would fit on a small table.

During the interview, Cook reiterated his interest in TV, which he said is “stuck back in the ’70s.”

“TV is one we continue to have great interest in,” Cook said, adding that there are lots of areas that Apple is interested in, though, that it chooses not to work on.

As for the company’s biggest competitor, Cook named Google, which he noted enables a lot of other hardware competitors, including Samsung.

Twitter and Facebook are more partners than competitors, he said, adding that Apple has no plans to get into the social networking business. Meanwhile, Cook said that Amazon is “not a product company,” even though it makes “some tablets,” and a phone that you don’t see many places.

He also talked about the legacy of Steve Jobs, and Apple’s acquisition of Beats.

Here are some clips from the interview:

On Steve Jobs:

On the future of TV

On why he bought Beats

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