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The Teen Moms of Whisper, a History of the Tinderverse and More #Mustreads

The things moms aren't sharing on Facebook.


Happy Friday!

Here are some links for you all, hand-picked from the vine by the Re/code team:

  1. Everyone knows that Facebook is where you put pictures of your kids being adorable. But sometimes your kids are not adorable. Then you go complain about them on Whisper. BuzzFeed’s Katie Baker has the story. Also see previous Buzzfeed-Whisper installments, like military confessions or Walmart employee tell-alls.
  2. For Playboy, Kiera Feldman has assembled a riveting oral history of the world of Tinder, as told by some of the app’s power users. She sampled a whole mix of archetypes — the Lonely Virgin, the Overconfident Ad Man, the Career-Minded Women — and got them to share their strategies, preferences and deepest secrets.
  3. Doctors recently discovered that a 24-year-old patient didn’t actually lose her mind, she never had a key part of it to begin with. The Chinese woman is missing her cerebellum, and was able to get through life up until now — although she didn’t speak intelligibly until age 7 or walk until age 6. New Scientist has the details.
  4. Facebook’s tagging feature is a nifty tool, designed perfectly for you to pester your friends and family at your leisure. But for those, ah, unaccustomed to the platform, things can get a bit hairy. For example, grandmas who keep on tagging themselves as Grandmaster Flash. Check out Uproxx. Or BuzzFeed. They have the identical story, harvested from this Tumblr.
  5. Vice has a video of a mom getting high. Well, it’s a documentary about how the legal weed industry is attempting to win the legalization battle more expediently by reaching out to the moms of America, but watching an adorable mom getting high with her birds, cat and dog is really all you need to see.

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