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Jon Stewart calls out the NFL's massive hypocrisy in the Ray Rice case

Jon Stewart mocked the NFL for its absurd hypocrisy in a segment on The Daily Show last night. The National Organization for Women — among many others — is calling for Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner, to resign after the video of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice brutally hitting his wife in an elevator was released by TMZ on Monday.

In his bit, Stewart mocks the NFL's punishment of Rice: "If you hit a woman, they will not let you hit a man for six more weeks."

After the tape went public, the Ravens terminated Rice's contract, and the NFL indefinitely suspended him. Commissioner Goodell claimed that he had never seen the tape. But yesterday, the Associated Press reported that the tape had been given to the NFL.

Stewart doesn't explicitly call for Goodell's resignation in his monologue, but he does indicate a loss of faith in the league's discretion. "I guess the next time that you attempt to bury damaging information about your league's conduct," Stewart said to the NFL, "I guess we'll know to throw the red challenge flag."

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