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Once the highest funded Kickstarter was about $3,000. Now it's over $13 million

Ever wonder which Kickstarter projects have held the title of "most-funded project" in the site's history? Well, Kickstarter itself has you covered!

Writing for Kickstarter's own blog, Yancey Strickler notes the 13 Kickstarter projects that have held that title since the site launched in 2009. Currently, Coolest Cooler — the world's first cooler that's also a speaker, among other things — is in the catbird seat, racking up over $13 million (far beyond its goal of $50,000!). The cooler recently stole the premier spot from smartwatch Pebble, which brought in over $10 million back in 2012.

The first top-funded project on Kickstarter was New York Makes a Book, a crowd-authoring project where 100 people paid $30 to write a page of a book. The project brought in a little more than $3,000. Since that project, Kickstarter's funding potential has soared to over a billion dollars worth of pledges.

Here's a timeline showing the 13 top-funded Kickstarter campaigns, the dates they spent at No. 1, and the total amounts raised.

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