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Apple, Wikipedia and Duolingo Join Code/Mobile

They join YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum and T-Mobile CEO John Legere.

Drumroll, please! Fresh off the launch of the iPhone 6 and debut of the Apple Watch, Apple will join Re/code at the inaugural Code/Mobile conference in Half Moon Bay on October 27 and 28.

Also joining us to talk about their mobile strategies will be the heads of the world’s biggest collaborative project, Wikipedia, and the clever education app Duolingo.

First up: Apple VP Greg Joswiak will take the stage to discuss what its executives have called the company’s “best pipeline in 25 years” after launching the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 8 and Apple Pay.

“Joz,” as he is called, is a veteran of Apple who manages both product marketing and product management for both iPhone and iPod hardware, as well as iOS. He usually keeps himself quite busy behind the curtain, so we’re delighted to have Joz on stage in what’s a rare public interview for Apple (and even rarer for Joswiak).

Next: Wikipedia’s small staff and nonprofit status belie its global importance — it’s the fifth-largest website in the world by traffic. And the relatively small Wikimedia Foundation just got a new head honcho: Lila Tretikov was named executive director in May of this year.

At Code/Mobile, Tretikov will be giving one of her first public interviews in this new role. She tells us her agenda for Wikipedia is all about mobile — mobile access, mobile editing, mobile information contributions.

And last but not least: Luis von Ahn, CEO of Duolingo, the language-learning app that both Apple and Google named app of the year last year, will also join us onstage. Duolingo, one of the most interesting education startups we’ve come across, helps people use their free minutes at the bus stop to complete the next lesson of gamified language curriculum, rather than the next level of Candy Crush.

Von Ahn, a pioneer of crowdsourcing who created the Google-acquired reCAPTCHA, has devised a nifty business model for Duolingo in order to give these lessons away for free: Using the crowd to perform paid translation projects, and offering language proficiency tests for a fraction of the normal cost. It’s a fascinating, and very mobile, story.

These three speakers join a fantastic lineup that also includes YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum and T-Mobile CEO John Legere. We have a few tickets left, but they are going fast — so if you’d like to join us, register ASAP.

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