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This is what the US bombed in Iraq on Day 1

A plane on the USS George H.W. Bush.
A plane on the USS George H.W. Bush.
U.S. Navy
Zack Beauchamp is a senior correspondent at Vox, where he covers ideology and challenges to democracy, both at home and abroad. Before coming to Vox in 2014, he edited TP Ideas, a section of Think Progress devoted to the ideas shaping our political world.

Friday afternoon, the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State covering Iraq, Brett McGurk, tweeted out a quick summary of the day's military action agains the Islamic State (ISIS). It's an interesting list:

The focus on mortars suggests a goal of the US air campaign is to eliminate ISIS' heavy weapons advantage over the Kurdish peshmerga. And, according to one US official who worked on Iraq, ISIS' convoys are one of its key vulnerabilities.

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