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Google Ventures-Backed Quettra Raises $2.9 Million, So Advertisers Can Know Even More About You

The company isn't talking in detail about its product, but its privacy policy hints that it will be collecting a ton of data.

Mountain View, Calif.-based Quettra has raised a seed round of funding from some big-name investors based on the premise that mobile advertisers should have even more information on their users.

The company raised $2.9 million from Google Ventures, Data Collective, Horizon Ventures, Miramar Digital Ventures, SV Angel and CrunchFund, along with several angel investors.

Quettra is the brainchild of former Google Play executive Ankit Jain, who was part of the Cuil team that Google “acqhired” back in 2010.

While giving advertisers even more access to information on a device that already shares location and other data might sound less than appealing, Jain says the technology could pave the way for ads that are ultimately more useful than the sort of just-in-time and app ads that dominate today’s mobile ad landscape.

It’s early days for the six-person startup, which hopes to have its product on the market by late this year or early next year. Jain wasn’t ready to talk specifics about how Quettra’s technology will work, but pledged that users will have control over which information is shared.

“As we talk more about the product in future months, we will be very transparent about what data we collect,” Jain said.

Indeed, it already has a privacy policy on its site. Reading it, though, reveals a treasure trove of data being gathered, including all the applications installed on your phone, your location, how often you turn on your phone and what you do after that, as well as a variety of information from sensors and any Bluetooth-connected devices.

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