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29 Twitter accounts you should follow to understand the Ebola outbreak

The deadliest Ebola outbreak in history is going on right now, and the efforts to contain it will be underway for quite some time. If you want to stay up-to-date, this Twitter list is a great place to start for English-language news, analysis, and first-person reports.

Check it out below. Or click here to subscribe to the list on Twitter.

(We may continue to add names to the actual Twitter list without adding them below. So please subscribe to the list for updates.)

Reports from West Africa

1) Umaru Fofana

Sierra Leonean journalist, writing for BBC & Reuters

2) Bate Felix Tabi Tabe

Correspondent for Reuters

3) Abdul Tejan-Cole

Ex ACC Commissioner Sierra Leone, in Senegal

4) David McKenzie

CNN reporter, in West Africa

5) Clair MacDougall

Reporting from Liberia for various news outlets

6) Ben Solomon

Video Journalist for The New York Times, reporting from Sierra Leone

7) Tommy Trenchard

Journalist and photographer, reporting from Sierra Leone

8) Jason Beaubien

NPR reporter, in Sierra Leone

News and analysis

9) Crawford Kilian

Retiree meticulously tracking infectious disease news

10) Helen Branswell

Medical reporter for The Canadian Press.

11) Abena Dove Osseo-Asare

Historian of medicine

12) Sanjay Gupta

CNN chief medical correspondent and a staff neurosurgeon at Emory University in Atlanta, where two Americans with Ebola are being treated

13) Laurie Garrett

Senior fellow at Council on Foreign Relations, former journalist

14) Susan Shepler

Professor at American University, focusing on youth and conflict in West Africa

15) Maryn McKenna

Journalist, Atlanta resident

16) Tara Smith

Infectious disease epidemiologist

17) Kim Yi Dionne

Professor of government at Smith College

18) Ian Mackay


19) Kerry Sheridan

AFP reporter

20) BBC Africa

African news from the BBC

Organizations fighting Ebola

21) Doctors Without Borders (MSF) UK press team

MSF is one of the only organizations directly treating Ebola patients. This is their UK feed.

22) MSF Picture Desk

Photos from the field, from Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

23) IFRC

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

24) WHO

The UN's World Health Organization

25) UNICEF Liberia

Liberian outpost of the children's welfare organization

The American Angle

26) CDC

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

27) Emory Healthcare

Its hospital is treating two Americans with Ebola

28) Samaritan's Purse

Christian aid organization affiliated with the two Americans with Ebola

29) Cameron McWhirter

Wall Street Journal reporter, in Atlanta

Want even more? Kristen Hare, from, has an ever-growing Twitter list of Ebola outbreak reporters. And also h/t to Kim Yi Dionne, who has a great list of Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Update: Add more Twitter accounts on August 11.

Correction: The piece originally misidentified David McKenzie's news outlet. He's at CNN, not the BBC.