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The Internet for Marijuana Users, Chilling Out About Password Security and More #Mustreads

Uber for weed, Yelp for weed, Instagram for weed. Of course.

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Good morning!

Here is some sweet, delicious content, brought to you by the Re/code team:

  1. The Internet of (Weed) Things is here: Uber for weed, Yelp for weed, Instagram for weed and so on. These are just a few golden nugs from this Daily Beast roundup of all the different apps and services looking to disrupt your high.
  2. For those of you freaked out by the New York Times’ Monday report on the Russian hackers who stole over a billion passwords, The Guardian’s Oliver Burkeman has a message for you: Remain calm, and for the love of God, don’t use the same password for everything.
  3. We’ve all been irritated by obnoxious children in restaurants. But none of us have retaliated like this Redditor who ordered 23 pies to spite the kid screaming in his ear.
  4. When an executive says he left his job in order to spend time with his family, everyone knows that’s a polite euphemism for something else. But former MongoDB CEO Max Schireson — who until this week was running a very promising, very valuable company — argues convincingly that he really did leave in order to spend time with his family.
  5. The NFL season kicks off in a few weeks, which means that now’s the time for Drew Magary’s weekly Deadspin feature, “Why Your Team Sucks.” Up now: the Houston Texans.

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