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CDC answers questions about Ebola "secret serum" ZMapp

Ebola virus
Ebola virus
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There has been a flood of interest about the experimental serum used to treat the American Ebola patients, so the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just released their answers to common questions that have been popping up. For example:


They basically outline that this treatment is still very much at the pre-human phase of clinical trial development, and so it's a long way off from reaching patients. You can read more here.

This effort is part of CDC's response to public interest and anxiety over Ebola. Time magazine reported that there has been a flurry of worried callers to the agency over Ebola in recent weeks. "We've triaged those calls and about half-dozen or so resulted in specimen coming to CDC for testing and all have been negative for Ebola," CDC spokesman Tom Skinner told Time.

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