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Another Executive Shuffle Hits HP's Enterprise Group

A longtime marketing exec in the server division is being replaced by a new hire from Dell.

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There has been another executive shake-up in the enterprise division at computing giant Hewlett-Packard. Sources tell Re/code that Jim Ganthier, a VP and longtime operational and marketing executive in the company’s server division, has been reassigned and replaced with an executive from Dell.

Sources familiar with the shift describe it as the latest in a series of moves spurred by Bill Veghte, HP’s former COO. CEO Meg Whitman tapped him last year to run the sprawling $28 billion Enterprise Group, which sells all of HP’s servers and networking gear.

Ganthier’s replacement is Peter Evans, who has been chief marketing officer in Dell’s Enterprise division for about two years. An HP spokesman confirmed the change, which has not been announced publicly.

Evans will inherit the marketing and operations portfolio of HP’s industry standard server business, which accounted for $12 billion in revenue last year. He and Ganthier will both report to Antonio Neri, the group’s new senior VP for servers and networking, who was promoted in May. The business has been under pressure and has declined over the last two years, and in the most recent quarter sales were flat year on year at about $2.8 billion.

Ganthier (pictured, pronounced GAN-tea-ay) has been a senior executive in HP’s industry standard server business since 2009, and a VP at the company since 2003 following its acquisition of Compaq, which he joined in 1992. Described by people who know him as a “deeply respected operator” and a “hard-nosed marketing guy,” he is not leaving HP, but is being reassigned to helm a global project intended to help HP server customers migrate from older systems running Windows 2003.

Executive reassignments have become a hallmark of Whitman’s term as CEO. Senior executives are rarely fired, but moved out of high-profile operational jobs and assigned “special projects.” A recent example is Bethany Mayer, the former head of HP’s $2.5 billion networking business unit. In February, Veghte announced that she was being reassigned to create a new division within HP devoted to a new networking technology.

This move comes in the wake of the reassignment last year of Dave Donatelli, Veghte’s predecessor. Donatelli has since been working for HP out of the offices of the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, evaluating startup candidates for possible investments by HP. Marc Andreessen, one of the firm’s founders, sits on HP’s board of directors.

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