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The Women Who Built the Internet, Uber for Monks and More #Mustreads

Fifteen women who made the Internet happen, and a startup that's using monks to get you where you need to go.


Good morning!

Here are the stories we’re talking about over at Re/code:

  1. In tech, there’s a tendency to gloss over the many significant contributions women have made over the years. In an attempt to fix that, Autostraddle compiled a list of 15 women who helped build the Internet.
  2. First, there was Uber. Then, there was Lyft. What’s next? Clickhole presents Whysk, a startup that brings monks to carry you wherever you need to go, at the ring of a gong.
  3. VC bigshot Marc Andreessen says it’s okay that robots will take lots of our jobs, because we’ll have more time to do stuff that matters. VC bigshot Albert Wenger — he’s a partner at heavy hitter Union Square Ventures — says Andreessen is wrong, because lots of robot-replaced people are going to struggle in the medium-term.
  4. Maybe we should all just start riding bikes: Wired has the video of a man who can unlock his car doors by hacking the locks (no hanger required).
  5. The San Francisco Giants played the New York Mets over the last week (the Giants took the series 3-1), and a couple Mets fans took the opportunity to lay some sick burns on San Francisco outfielder Hunter Pence. Deadspin has pictures.

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