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Here's how oppressively hot your summer will be in 2100, thanks to global warming

Want a clear idea of how hot your summer will be in 2100 if we do nothing to address climate change? Take a look at Climate Central's new interactive map.

The map projects your city's summer average daily high temperatures in 2100 if greenhouse gas emissions keep climbing at current rates through the 21st century, then shows the city with the same summer highs right now.

Under this scenario, New York's summertime heat will equal South Florida's. Washington, DC's will equal the Texas border town Pharr's. And Phoenix will more closely resemble Kuwait than any current US city.

One thing to keep in mind: this model doesn't even reflect humidity, which may well increase to make future summers even more oppressively hot. (Here's the map's full methodology.)

h/t Citylab

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