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Veteran Tech Journalist Anand Shimpi Headed to Apple

Yesterday, Shimpi said he was "officially retiring from the tech publishing world." Now we know where he's going next.


Anand Lal Shimpi, the editor and publisher of the well-regarded AnandTech site, is going to work at Apple.

An Apple rep confirmed that the company was hiring Shimpi, but wouldn’t provide any other details.

Last night, via a post on the site he founded in 1997, Shimpi said he was “officially retiring from the tech publishing world,” but didn’t say what he was doing next. “I won’t stay idle forever. There are a bunch of challenges out there :),” he wrote.

Unlike many tech publications, AnandTech focused much of its energy on the guts of new devices, via reports on chips and other hardware components. In Shimpi’s words: “AnandTech started as a site that primarily reviewed motherboards, then we added CPUs, video cards, cases, notebooks, Macs, smartphones, tablets and anything else that mattered.”

Shimpi’s post also announced that AnandTech would continue publishing, and would be run by new editor in chief Ryan Smith.

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