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Re/code on TV: Phones, Drones and Tablets

Our talking heads chat about all the stuff Apple is going to show off in a couple weeks -- as well as some tech that doesn't come from Cupertino.

Back to the Future Part II

There are many great things about a three-day weekend. For instance, it gives you more time to curl up with your monitor and catch up on the Re/code team’s multimedia appearances over the last week. These highlights all come via our TV partner CNBC:

As you know, because we told you first, Apple is hosting a major product event. Kara Swisher talked about what to expect from the iPhone 6, including a new payments feature:

As you also know, because we told you first, Apple’s event will also be the public debut of its new wearable gadget. Dawn Chmielewski talked about what that might entail:

Meanwhile: Remember the iPad? While sales of Apple’s tablets, and other tablets, may be drooping, the devices are still very much alive, and important. Walt Mossberg explains:

But if you’re looking for a buzzworthy bit of consumer tech to obsess about right now, you could look to Snapchat, which has many users, an enormous valuation and no revenue. Kurt Wagner talked about the company’s plans to change the last part:

And if you want to look to the future, contemplate a scenario in which Google, Amazon and Facebook own competing drone armadas. James Temple does not seem terrified about this prospect:

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