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Re/wind: A Chat With Best Buy CEO Joly, and Twitter Turns a Profit

This week, Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly talked tablets and the state of the PC, Twitter turned a corner and Apple bought a bunch of stuff.


If you missed some of the big headlines, don’t fret. Here’s a roundup of what dominated Re/code this past week:

  1. In an exclusive interview with Re/code co-executive editor Walt Mossberg, Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly talked about plummeting tablet sales and the hope on the horizon for a growing PC market.
  2. Even though Twitter hasn’t fully addressed its growth issues, the company beat analyst expectations and finally turned a profit — it grew revenue to $312 million for the quarter. Still, questions linger about the internal growth metrics the company has been debating about releasing to the public.
  3. Apple bought the radio app Swell for $30 million in an effort to beef up its much-maligned podcast app. Apple also purchased the book recommendation service BookLamp for an undisclosed sum, and finalized its $3 billion purchase of Beats, which will eventually leave 200 Beats workers without jobs.
  4. In the category of non-Apple M&A this week, Nordstrom shelled out $350 million for the online men’s fashion company Trunk Club, and Alibaba invested $120 million in the free-to-play gaming company Kabam.
  5. Because there are never enough hours in the day (hey, free app idea!), a team of founders including Duke behavioral economist Dan Ariely created the calendar and time management app Timeful. Check out our preview by Liz Gannes.
  6. With consumer financial information floating all around the Internet of Things, you’ve got to wonder about security precautions tech companies are taking to protect users. Well, according to analysts at Hewlett-Packard, they need to improve protections, and fast.
  7. If you’re looking for proof that the end is indeed nigh, look no further than the “Sixth Extinction,” the huge biodiversity loss our planet is presently experiencing.
  8. On Sunday, James Temple explained why he’d sign up to be a subject for Google’s new medical study. On Monday, Forbes contributor Dan Munro wrote a guest column for Re/code about why he wouldn’t.
  9. In some positive news, one study found that California could run entirely on renewable sources of energy by 2050. Hopefully we’ll last that long!
  10. One entrepreneur is taking gourmet munchies to the next level: The Melt founder Jonathan Kaplan is building a device aimed at making the perfect grilled cheese.

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