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How to Properly Grill Labor Day Kebabs, Elmore Leonard's 10 Rules for Criminal Success and More #Mustreads

You animals are doing it wrong: Grill like ingredients together and then put them all on a stick.

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Good morning!

It’s Friday! Skip work and go lie in the grass. And read these articles while you’re out there (courtesy of the Re/code team):

  1. Just in time to teach you troglodytes how to properly grill kebab for Labor Day, The Awl has unveiled a new food column called “Crop Chef,” by “freelance human” Dan Nosowitz.
  2. Genius crime novelist Elmore Leonard wrote a list of 10 rules for writers that appeared in the New York Times back in 2001. The Atlantic has unearthed what amounts to an earlier version of that list, except that this one is for criminals and appeared in “Swag,” a 1976 Leonard novel. Bonus points come via a clip of Timothy Olyphant, star of the Leonard-inspired FX show “Justified,” reading the tips on bank-robbing and car-stealing.
  3. Misfit-teen father-figure and legendary director (“Blue Velvet,” “Twin Peaks”) David Lynch gave one of those “perfect encapsulation of my very strange self, so you don’t have to read anything about me ever again” interviews to The Daily Beast’s Marlow Stern. Here’s the link.
  4. The ALS Association tries to undo all the goodwill it built up in the last month in one fell swoop by attempting to trademark the phrase “Ice Bucket Challenge” even though it had nothing to do with starting the viral campaign. Techdirt has the details.
  5. Grantland, ESPN’s site pitched to both sports and pop-culture obsessives, has been celebrating 40 years of “Saturday Night Live” with a heap of essays about the iconic show. It also has a fun gimmick: A bracket/election that’s supposed to determine the greatest cast member of all time. Right now, it’s down to Will Ferrell and Phil Hartman. Do the right thing and go vote for Hartman.

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