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How to Respond to Criticism, Woz Goes to the Middle East and More Morning #Mustreads

"Become so rich, and so strong, that you become a giant made out of gold and nothing can hurt you."

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Good morning!

Congratulations, you survived Wednesday and we’ve almost reached the weekend. In the meantime, here are some links to get you through the day, from Re/code:

  1. “Get as small as you can without disappearing, and then disappear. Remember: Criticism is the same thing as condemnation and murder, and react accordingly.” Some sound words of advice from Mallory Ortberg, co-founder of super-sharp site The Toast, given at a recent event. Here’s the YouTube clip.
  2. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak visited a controversial Israeli settlement and archaeological park, “the City of David,” in East Jerusalem this week, and he may have actually gone into the war-torn Gaza Strip. BuzzFeed has the story.
  3. This has been an awful, no-good week for women in the gaming industry, and online in general. First, Badass Digest has a comprehensive look at the immense Internet harassment directed at indie game developer Zoe Quinn. Next, the Daily Dot reported on a group of subreddit moderators who’ve signed a letter to Reddit asking for the company to take some sort of action to stop trolls and malicious commenters.
  4. Moving day! Heather Havrilesky has written the consistently brilliant “Ask Polly” column for The Awl over the last few years, and she announced last week that she would be taking her talents to New York magazine. Here’s her final column for The Awl (“Did I make a mistake marrying my ex?”) and her first for New York (“I don’t have any friends, what do I do?”), both published today.
  5. Many Internet readers are aghast at Uber for hardball tactics most recently spotlighted by The Verge. The New Republic’s Danny Vinik has a different take on Uber and its fight against Lyft: He thinks we should be applauding Uber’s tactics because it empowers the actual drivers and gives them a choice between the two ride-sharing companies.

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