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Watch Jon Stewart explain Ferguson to dismissive pundits

Jon Stewart was on vacation for the past couple weeks as the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, played out. Naturally, he returned to The Daily Show Tuesday night with a few things to say about the issue.

Besides getting in a few shots at Fox News for its dismissive coverage of Ferguson, Stewart also makes a larger point: For many black Americans, the police shooting and killing of Michael Brown is so scary and upsetting because they feel it could happen to them, their own sons, or their husbands. Everyday discrimination, whether implicit or explicit, is still a constant reality for minorities.

"Recently, we sent a correspondent and a producer to a building in this liberal bastion, where we were going to tape an interview," Stewart said. "The producer — white, dressed in what could only be described as homeless elf attire and a pretty strong 5-o'-clock-from-the-previous-week shadow — strode confidently into the building, preceding our humble correspondent, a gentleman of color, dressed resplendently in a tailored suit. Who do you think was stopped? Let me give you a hint: the black guy. And that shit happens all the time. All of it. Race is there, and it is a constant."

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