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Uber's Anti-Lyft Playbook, the Best Cancelled Comedy Central Shows and More Morning #Mustreads

It looks as though Uber took a page from "The Wire" with burner phones, secret credit cards and more dirty tactics.

Good morning!

Here’s some of the freshest #content on the ’Net, brought to you by Re/code:

  1. How seriously is Uber taking competition from Lyft? Very seriously. The Verge’s Casey Newton has the goods, in the form of an internal Uber memo detailing how company recruiters planned to poach Lyft drivers using burner phones. On Twitter, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is defending himself by quoting Tweeters that describe him as “hungry.”
  2. Comedy Central has a great slate of shows right now — “Broad City” and “Key & Peele,” to name a couple — but it’s fun to remember some of the channel’s less-than-successful projects. Splitsider has clips and a few quick write-ups about some memorable Comedy Central flops, including “That’s My Bush!” and “Stella.”
  3. The Washington Post’s Wonkblog reports on a University of Buffalo study that links marijuana to lower rates of domestic violence. Well, weed is cheaper than couples’ therapy. So I’ve heard.
  4. The iPad was supposed to revolutionize the way technology was used in education, providing students with innovative learning tools and apps at a much lower cost than conventional laptops or desktop computers. Gizmodo, drawing on a Los Angeles Times story, says that the revolution failed, and that we should find better tech with which to teach our kids.
  5. You’d think that it’s virtually impossible to be completely off the Internet, as evidenced by Europe’s “right to be forgotten” law, or the countless headlines of American burglars who left their Facebook up on victims’ computers. Well, the Atlantic has a story about one writer who attempted to find his long-lost grandmother on the Internet, and wasn’t able to come up with much.

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