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Hacker Attacks on Videogame Servers Continue, Spread to Twitch

Another day, another denial of service.

For the past few days, denial of service attacks have limited or brought down the servers powering Sony’s PlayStation Network, Microsoft’s Xbox Live, Riot Games’ League of Legends and Blizzard Entertainment’s

Now Amazon’s new subsidiary Twitch is among the affected sites:

The group claiming responsibility for the string of attacks is Lizard Squad, which also claims to be affiliated with Middle Eastern jihadist state ISIS. Its attacks are reminiscent of the black hat hacker group LulzSec, which in 2011 issued denial of service attacks against corporate and governmental targets.

Over the weekend, a Lizard Squad attack on the PlayStation Network servers was followed up with a bomb threat against a plane carrying Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley to San Diego. The threat temporarily diverted the plane to Phoenix.

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