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Netflix Responds to Emmy Snub With More "BoJack Horseman"

A second season of shows about an out-of-work, alcoholic horse. That'll show ’em!


If Emmy voters couldn’t get their heads around “Orange Is the New Black,” then they are very unlikely to embrace “BoJack Horseman.”

Netflix’s new animated series is about a former sitcom actor who is now washed-up, has troubles with ladies and booze, and is also a horse.

But Netflix seems to think it has something here. It debuted the first season on Friday, but even before those started streaming, it had commissioned another 12 episodes for a second season. Now it’s formally announcing it.

The series, produced by former Disney CEO Michael Eisner’s Tornante Co., stars Will Arnett, Aaron Paul from “Breaking Bad” and some great comedic actors, like Amy Sedaris and Paul F. Tompkins.

The not-for-kids-and-that’s-the-whole-point show has generated mixed reviews, but Netflix seems okay with that. Here’s a positive one from the Times. And here’s a teaser for the current season:

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