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Tablet Gaming Revenue to Triple in Five Years, Juniper Predicts

From $3.6 billion to $13.3 billion.

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Juniper Research said today that it expects worldwide revenue from tablet games to reach $13.3 billion in 2019, more than triple this year’s expected $3.6 billion.

The reasons behind that ambitious prediction are pretty much what you’d expect: Devices are getting more powerful and able to store more data, and mobile broadband is becoming more ubiquitous. Juniper also forecasted “strong growth” in smartphone gaming revenue, albeit only in “emerging markets.” In those markets, smartphone penetration is still growing in tandem with the rise of alternative payment methods, like direct carrier billing, and distribution methods, like messaging apps.

In that same time frame, the research firm recently said that it expects revenue from PC and console games to shrink only 11 percent, from $46.5 billion to $41 billion.

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