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Nextbit Hires HTC Veteran Scott Croyle as It Gears Up to Do Something Big

Croyle joins a handful of former Android team members working on a secret something in the mobile arena.


Nextbit, a secretive San Francisco startup, is adding former HTC design executive Scott Croyle to its ranks as VP of product and design.

Croyle, who left HTC earlier this year, joins a team packed with several former Android team members and led by Tom Moss, who ran 3LM before selling that to Motorola.

Nextbit, which raised $18 million from Google Ventures and Accel, still hasn’t said much about what it is up to.

Croyle and Moss did say they are working to create products that address a world where people have many, and often changing, devices.

“There’s definitely a bigger vision out there of what the world should be,” Croyle said. “We are building some steps along the way.”

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