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The Emmys' shining star: Billy on the Street

Bill Eichner
Bill Eichner
Getty Images

In a skit shown at the 2014 Emmy Awards, Billy Eichner (from Billy on the Street) and Seth Meyers accosted people on the streets of New York to ask them questions about popular culture. Eichner, holding a microphone, accosting people to ask them what an Emmy was, what they thought about Mindy Kaling getting snubbed, and see if they knew Seth Meyers's name.

Surprising people on the street is … surprisingly entertaining. This guy thought Seth Meyers was Seth McFarlane:


This woman looks like someone told her that Santa Claus doesn't exist. Eichner and Meyers are just asking if she knew what an Emmy was:


And this poor woman pretty much reacts like everyone else would in this situation:


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