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T-Mobile Modifies Starter Plans as Price War Rages

The new option follows Sprint's move last week to offer a $60 unlimited plan.

T-Mobile on Monday added another option to its entry-level “Simple Starter” plan, offering two gigabytes of data as well as unlimited talk and text for $45 per month.

In April, the company debuted Simple Starter with a $40 option that offers 500MB of data.

For most of the year, T-Mobile has been the most aggressive price cutter, with Sprint, AT&T and Verizon responding with more modest offers. But Sprint, led by a new CEO and with plans to merge with T-Mobile off the table for now, has vowed to compete more aggressively. Sprint last week introduced a $60 unlimited data plan.

The Simple Starter plans lack some of the benefits T-Mobile offers with its mainstay plans, such as free and discounted international roaming.

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