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Re/wind: Re/code Sits Down With Y Combinator, Twitter Tinkers With the Feed

Kara Swisher talks with Alexis Ohanian, Nellie Bowles chats with Jessica Livingston.

Kevin Hale/Flickr

If you didn’t catch any of the big headlines this week (which you shouldn’t have! You have no business reading the news during the summer!), don’t fret — here are the ones that dominated Re/code this week:

  1. Kara Swisher sat down with Reddit co-founder and Y Combinator partner Alexis Ohanian for a video interview this week, and Nellie Bowles chatted with Y Combinator founder Jessica Livingston about pervasive sexism in the tech industry — a highly relevant issue, given that Livingston wondered if she was sexually harassed on her way to the interview.
  2. If you’re on Twitter, you’ve probably noticed that your feed looks a bit different, as the company has begun experimenting with inserting stuff from people you don’t follow. Here’s how they decide what to show you. In other news, Twitter announced a new partnership with the commerce startup Stripe to make it possible for you to shop ’n’ tweet all at once.
  3. CEOs, entrepreneurs, certain tech news website editors and a whole host of other tech folks all took the ALS ice bucket challenge this week. We compiled a supercut of all the good ones (and the bad), and here’s the Samsung Galaxy S5 accepting the challenge as well.
  4. Uber hired former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe as its new “campaign manager” this week, as the company gears up to go to war with “Big Taxi.”
  5. More and more sites and services — Gawker Media and Twitter, most notably in this past week — are encountering an unfriendly, vicious and trollish side of the Internet that’s making it harder for people to feel comfortable online. What does this mean? It’s time for Internet companies to start getting proactive, not reactive.
  6. Internships are often grueling, unforgiving and unpaid experiences (not mine, though!) that young people have to go through in order to maybe get an opportunity at a benefits-free entry-level job. LinkedIn pulled the data on which internships are worth the suffering.
  7. Booking a hotel is generally a stressful ordeal, leaving a wallet-sized hole in your heart when you finish. But it doesn’t have to be — check out these apps that make you want to pull out your hair just a little bit less.
  8. Another week, another cyber security breach. This time the people behind it were Chinese hackers who stole info on 4.5 million American hospital patients.
  9. Sprint announced a $100 family mobile plan, and also said it planned to reimburse new customers for the cost of canceling a contract with any rival carrier.
  10. The ride-sharing service Lyft disclosed that its COO, Travis VanderZanden, left the company this week amid reports of tension between the executive and other members of Lyft’s leadership.

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