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LinkedIn Product Head Deep Nishar Departs Business Network

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LinkedIn’s head of product, Deep Nishar, is leaving the Silicon Valley-based business network. He does not have another job, although the exec has been joining a number of boards and taking advisory roles at several startups of late.

I had pinged LinkedIn about one particular advisory role he took earlier this week at and, as it turns out, he’s going to have a lot more time to devote to it.

Nishar’s duties overseeing product will be taken over indefinitely by CEO Jeff Weiner, the company said. Nishar got to LinkedIn six years ago from Google, at the same time that Weiner arrived after a long stint at Yahoo.

In a statement, LinkedIn said:

“After nearly six years at the company, Deep Nishar, our SVP of Product, has decided to leave LinkedIn. During his time at LinkedIn, the member experience has been completely transformed and has become an integral part of a professional’s day. Deep joined LinkedIn when we were slightly more than 30 million members, and during his time at the company, the member base has grown tenfold to 313 million members around the world. We want to thank Deep for his many years of dedication and contributions to the company and wish him the best as he embarks on his next endeavor.”

Nishar’s last day is October 3, and it’s likely he will be pursuing a CEO job.

He said as much in a blog post titled “Next Chapter” on, natch, LinkedIn:

“I am passionate about building and leading businesses and companies that have the potential to make a significant positive impact in the world and have had the honor and privilege of doing so at both LinkedIn and Google. I look forward to the possibilities that the future holds and the opportunity for a ‘three-peat;’ or, as my cricketing buddies would say, a ‘hat-trick.'”

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