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Billionaires, Sherpas and Models at Burning Man, the Man Behind the Facebook Emotions Study and More Morning #Mustreads

Class warfare in the Nevada desert.

Hawaii Savvy via Flickr

Good morning!

Here are some links to help you get through the day, brought to you by Re/code:

  1. New York Times columnist Nick Bilton previews Burning Man, formerly a festival for sun-scorched, drum-beating hippies, and finds gentrifiers equipped with Sherpas, private compounds and models flown in from New York. (Editor’s note: Look for upcoming Burning Man dispatches from Re/code’s Nellie Bowles.)
  2. The Dodo reports that Jackass’s Steve O had a bit of fun with a highway sign in support of an anti-SeaWorld campaign spurred on by the CNN documentary “Blackfish.” You can find a YouTube video of the whole thing here.
  3. Times Square: Loathed by New Yorkers, loved by tourists. Gothamist has a slideshow portraying another side of the famed plaza, however, showing us what the place is like just before the sun comes up and the Naked Cowboy emerges.
  4. The Atlantic interviewed the Cornell professor behind the controversial Facebook emotions study, who remains unapologetic about his project. Fun fact: He says his work focuses on “deception and its detection.”
  5. The New York Times tech section is suffering an identity crisis, according to The Awl’s Matt Buchanan, who knows a lot about different publications’ tech sections. A snippet: “[The New York Times] might want to ask itself if it’s ready to finally rethink what it means by technology coverage, if only to set a better example for everyone else.”

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