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Which Internships Really Pay Off? LinkedIn Pulled the Data.

Best bet for landing a job after an internship: Accounting.

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What are the chances your internship will (literally) pay off? LinkedIn is putting some science behind the question.

The company’s data science team pulled information from the site’s 300 million members to determine which industries offer the best internships — and by “the best” we mean those internships that actually lead to paying, full-time jobs at the end of the semester.

The industry with the best odds of landing a full-time gig after an internship: Accounting, with firms boasting a 59 percent intern retention rate.

Technical careers like those in computer networking (47 percent) and semiconductors (40 percent) were also near the top of the list, which included more than 65 industries. The industries least likely to hire their interns: Nonprofit organization management and leisure and travel, both at 19 percent.

The intern data is just one example of what LinkedIn can offer young professionals. Students are LinkedIn’s fastest growing user segment, and Thursday’s intern data dump isn’t the only recent project to come from the company’s data science team. In early July, LinkedIn used my profile data to predict my future career.

The company has a strong desire to engage with young professionals, and a company blog post Thursday confirmed that intention. “Youth unemployment is one of the most important challenges of our time,” the post reads. “We hope to provide meaningful solutions in the near future.”

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