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Follow Ferguson in real time with these 37 Twitter accounts

Almost every night since Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer on August 9, the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, have been mired in chaos and confusion. Whether it's accusations of police overreacting to a crowd of protesters or agitators trying to take advantage of the situation to loot and antagonize police, there's a lot going on — and a lot of conflicting reports.

If you want to stay up-to-date with all the events from day to day, Vox's Twitter list is a great place to start for news, analysis, and first-person reports. Subscribe to the list, and follow the journalists, activists, and protesters involved.

1) Antonio French

St. Louis alderman.

2) Jon Swaine

Reporter, the Guardian.

3) Ryan Reilly

Reporter, the Huffington Post.

4) Amanda Terkel

Reporter, the Huffington Post.

5) Ashley Yates

Local protester.

6) Elon James White

Host, This Week in Blackness.

7) Yamiche Alcindor

Reporter, USA Today.

8) Wesley Lowery

Reporter, the Washington Post.

9) Matt Pearce

Reporter, Los Angeles Times.

10) Brittany Noble

Reporter, KMOV.

11) Laura Hettiger

Reporter, KMOV.

12) Trymaine Lee

Reporter, MSNBC.

13) Amanda Sakuma

Reporter, MSNBC.

14) Chris Hayes

Host, MSNBC.

15) Tim Pool

Multimedia journalist, VICE News.

16) Alice Speri

Reporter, VICE News.

17) Shaun King


18) Alan Blinder

Reporter, New York Times.

19) Ben Kesling

Reporter, Wall Street Journal.

20) Gene Demby

Reporter, NPR.

21) Rembert Browne

Reporter, Grantland.

22) Stephanie Diffin

Multimedia journalist, KSDK.

23) John Kelly

Photographer and editor, KSDK.

24) Rob Edwards

Producer, KDSK.

25) Tef Poe

Local rapper and protester.

26) Shimon Prokupecz

Reporter, CNN.

27) David Carson

Photographer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

28) Paul Hampel

Reporter, St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

29) Ray Downs

Reporter, Riverfront Times.

30) Akilah Johnson

Reporter, Boston Globe.

31) Joel Anderson

Reporter, BuzzFeed.

32) Errin Whack

Reporter, Fusion.

33) Robert Klemko

Reporter, Sports Illustrated.

34) Rob Crilly

Reporter, the Daily Telegraph.

35) Neil Munshi

Reporter, Financial Times.

36) Jamelle Bouie

Journalist, Slate.

37) Jelani Cobb

Historian and contributor to the New Yorker.

To learn more about the protests in Ferguson, read the full explainer, Vox's timeline, and watch the two-minute video below: