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AT&T Plans to Lay Fiber Straight to Apple's Front Yard

Cupertino gets the GigaPower service.

asharkyu / Shutterstock

AT&T said Tuesday that it will bring its GigaPower fiber Internet service to Cupertino, Calif. — the Silicon Valley town best known as the headquarters of Apple. It’s also not far from the headquarters of Google — AT&T’s chief rival in the race to deliver fiber to the home.

Cupertino is among several Bay Area cities that AT&T had previously said it was considering — a list that included San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Campbell and Mountain View. Specific timing, availability and pricing for the Cupertino service will be announced later, AT&T said.

The gigabit-speed fiber is currently offered in Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth in Texas, and AT&T has announced plans to bring it to Houston and San Antonio as well as cities in Florida, Tennessee and North Carolina.

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