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Elon Musk or YouTube Commenter? The Secret Language of "Lorem Ipsum" and More Morning #Mustreads.

Genius or mouth-breather? The mysteries of a mysterious Web text (sort of) revealed.

Maurizio Pesce via Flickr

Good morning!

Here are pieces you should read, brought to you by the Re/code team:

  1. Take this Verge quiz — who said it, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, or a YouTube commenter? Sample quote: “I’ve been to Disneyland, like, 10 times. I’m getting really tired of Disneyland.”
  2. Over on his blog, security expert Brian Krebs writes about a startling discovery: “Lorem ipsum,” the supposedly nonsensical placeholder text you see on unfinished Web pages, translates into a lot of very strange English phrases, stringing together words and topics like China, Russia, technology, NATO and “sexy.”
  3. New York Magazine talked to Randall Munroe, creator of the popular math-science-geekery-themed webcomic XKCD. They excerpted part of his new book “What If?,” in which he answers (at great length) all sorts of fun questions, like “What will Times Square look like in 10,000 years?” or “What will happen to our planet in a million years?”
  4. Back before Amazon, even before, in the Old Times when people couldn’t buy stuff on their computers, people used paper catalogs to order the things they needed. In Medium, Divya Pahwa chronicles the history of the Amazon shopping cart of yore.
  5. In movies and television, on-screen texting and the Internet are the unloved stepchildren of directors and screenwriters. It takes time and energy to get the close-ups on screens rights, it kills any frame-to-frame momentum and so on. But, according to this slick video on Vimeo, Hollywood has finally found a way around the problem.

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