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The Outlaws of Instagram, the Windows App Store Swindle and More #Mustreads

Don't try to take these Instagrams at home, kids.

Humza Deas via Tumblr

Good morning!

Here’s some of what we’re reading at Re/code to distract us from the fact that it’s Monday:

  1. Meet the Instagram bad boys of New York, who go to extreme lengths — scaling bridges, dodging cops — to get the perfect shot. New York’s Adrian Chen thinks they’re the digital version of graffiti artists.
  2. Microsoft’s app store lags badly behind Apple’s. This won’t help: How-To Geek says the selection Microsoft does have is riddled with scammy, look-alike apps.
  3. Will Leitch was unimpressed with your Robin Williams RIP Tweets, and with Internet grieving in general. His Medium essay does have a movie recommendation, though.
  4. One of the IRL dating problems that Tinder and OkCupid attempt to solve is that we don’t meet enough people in our day-to-day lives. But what if, as Leah Reich argues in the New York Times, more choice in our dating lives actually leaves us worse off than where we started, completely bewildered by all the randos in our feeds?
  5. As if you needed another reason to hate your cable company, it turns out your cable box uses as much electricity in a year as your refrigerator. Mother Jones suggests that you try unplugging six kinds of electronic devices when they’re not in use to save money.

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