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40 FBI agents are in Ferguson to investigate the shooting of Michael Brown

Scott Olson

Forty FBI agents have arrived in Ferguson, Missouri to investigate the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown, Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson announced Saturday.

According to Johnson, who is currently in charge of security in Ferguson, the agents were already canvassing the neighborhood where Brown was killed, seeking eyewitnesses to the killing and other evidence.

The FBI also handed out cards requesting information from local residents, which could be filled out and returned to investigators directly, or to members of the local clergy.

In a statement emailed to the local CBS affiliate on Friday, the DOJ confirmed that attorneys from the DOJ's Civil Rights Division and the US Attorney's Office were also participating in the federal civil rights investigation.

"At the onset of our federal civil rights investigation, the Attorney General of the United States promised a thorough and complete investigation into the shooting death of Michael Brown.  That investigation is proceeding. We can confirm that FBI agents, working together with attorneys from the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division and US Attorney’s Office, have already conducted several interviews of witnesses on the scene at the time of the shooting.  Over the next several days, teams of FBI agents will be canvassing the neighborhood where the shooting took place to identify any individuals who may have information related to the shooting and have not yet come forward.  We ask for the public’s cooperation and patience, and again urge anyone with information related to the shooting to contact the FBI.  The FBI can be reached at (800) CALL-FBI, option 4."