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Mood change in Ferguson after police announce Michael Brown robbery allegations

Before local police released Friday's big news about Michael Brown and the officer who shot him, they did not inform the Missouri Highway Patrol, which is in charge of the security in Ferguson, about the content of the release.

The lack of communication between the two police departments raises questions about the coordination of security in Ferguson. Given the volatility in the St. Louis suburb, law enforcement, protesters, and reporters on the ground are concerned the allegations that Brown robbed a convenience store could escalate the situation.

Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson, who's leading security operations in Ferguson, acknowledged the mood changed in the area after Friday's news release.

Johnson suggested he would have "a serious conversation" with local police about not giving him the information prior to the release. "I guarantee it's going to be a conversation. It's not going to be a conversation I have over the phone," Johnson said. "We do need to communicate better, and we're going to do that."

To learn more about the protests in Ferguson, read the full explainer, Vox's timeline, and watch the two-minute video below: