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Why isn't Dorian Johnson under arrest?

Michael B. Thomas

According to a report released Friday by the Ferguson Police Department, Michael Brownrobbed a nearby convenience store just minutes before he was shot and killed by officer Darren Wilson.

The report notes that Wilson shot and killed Brown in the course of trying to apprehend him on suspicion of that robbery.

Also named in the police report is Dorian Johnson, said to have been Brown's accomplice in the robbery. Johnson is also a witness to Brown's shooting and his account of events has been one of the primary pieces of evidence for police misconduct. In Johnson's version of events, needless to say, he and Brown were not perpetrators of a crime.

All of which gives rise to a mystery — why haven't the police arrested Dorian Johnson?

Regardless of whether the use of deadly force was justified as a means of apprehending a robbery suspect, on the police's account of events one of the suspects — Johnson — was very much not dead. Why not arrest him? He isn't missing. He's been doing interviews with TV stations.

Watch this video for background and context on the situation in Ferguson:

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