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How MTV Lowered Teen Pregnancy, TV's Most Pirated Shows and More Morning #Mustreads

Wait ... what?

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Happy Friday!

Here’s some of what’s getting tossed around the Re/code newsroom this morning:

  1. University of Maryland researchers are crediting MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” and its spin-offs for helping to lower the rate of teen motherhood after its 2008 peak. For more head-scratching, you can go over to Bloomberg Businessweek.
  2. Yesterday afternoon, the team behind Microsoft’s much-reviled Internet Explorer conducted a Reddit AMA for about two hours. Some key conclusions: They really think they can save the #brand of Internet Explorer, they really, really want developers to start using the IE toolkit and you don’t have any reason to switch to Internet Explorer anytime soon.
  3. Many Americans have been fixated on the events in Ferguson, Missouri, over the past week. So are people outside of America. The Daily Dot reports that Palestinians in Gaza have been tweeting out advice and support to protestors in Ferguson, including the best way to deal with tear gas.
  4. From Motherboard: The Defense Department is using tweens to beta test military software, giving you another reason to feel old and frightened.
  5. Would you have guessed that the most-downloaded TV show in New York is “Beauty and the Beast”? How about those weirdos in California and Utah that are pirating “Fargo”? If you want to judge the rest of America even more harshly, here’s a map from AV Club with each state’s most-torrented TV shows and movies.

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