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Map: Your state's favorite television show to download illegally

map of most torrented tv shows

Your state's most torrented TV show. (Movoto)

Despite the efforts of the government and media companies, millions of Americans stream movies, television, games, and music illegally on the internet.  The team at Movoto looked at "the location of seeding nodes for the top 300 most popular torrents, segmented across movies, television, and PC gaming." A seeding node is a computer that downloads a piece of content and then makes it available for other people to download.

While the number of seeing nodes gathered seems reasonable, it's problematic. We have no idea how many seeders there are per state, so we don't know if that number is a majority of viewers in some states or only a tiny portion in others. For example, it seems unlikely that Kansas really loves the short-lived NBC show Believe. (It was the one about the little girl with the magic powers whose ads you couldn't escape during the Winter Olympics.) It does seem absolutely correct, however, that Game of Thrones is the most torrented show in 15 states.

Check out some other Movoto maps on torrenting:

Most torrented movie

most torrented movie

map courtesy of Movoto

I see you Rhode Island and your love for Godzilla.

games torrented

map courtesy of Movoto

Who knew that Iowa had such great love for The Sims 3: Island Paradise ?

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