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Facebook VP Sam Lessin Is Leaving the Company

Adios, Facebook.


Sam Lessin, Facebook’s VP of product management, is leaving the company.

Lessin announced his departure on his Facebook page Thursday afternoon. He originally joined Facebook when his startup, a storage company called, was acquired by Zuckerberg in an all-stock deal back in 2010.

At the time, it was evident that Zuckerberg was eager to work with Lessin, a close friend from the duo’s days at Harvard. Following the acquisition, was shut down, making it clear that Zuckerberg was acquiring talent, not product.

Since then, Lessin has worked in product management roles at Facebook, although his responsibility at the company was scaled back last fall, according to people familiar with the matter. It’s unclear what’s next for Lessin. In his post he wrote that he’ll fill his time off with kite-surfing and skiing. “This is the first time I can think of since middle school where I didn’t have a very concrete next step to take in life, and I intend to not squander the opportunity,” he wrote.

He also plans to help his wife, journalist Jessica Lessin, with her new tech publication, The Information, “where I can and when she wants it.” Lessin’s last day at Facebook will be August 29.

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