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Beware the Fake Twitter Account! Shark Week Is Full of Bad Science and More #Mustreads.

Don't fight on Twitter. And if you are going to fight on Twitter, don't fight with a parody.


Good morning!

Here are some shining rays of content in an otherwise bleak and desolate world, brought to you by Re/code:

  1. Yesterday, public intellectual Nassim “Black Swan” Taleb got into an argument with @ProfJeffJarvis, apparently unaware that the Twitter account was a parody Twitter account, and not the real Jeff Jarvis. Then the real Jeff Jarvis joined the conversation. I made a Storify of the whole thing.
  2. The team at Vox put together a nifty video explaining how the Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” has morphed from a series of fun, benign nature documentaries into a seven day extravaganza of junk science.
  3. Congress: It’s dysfunctional, unpopular and thoroughly incompetent. But why? One intrepid Mother Jones writer looked to the stars and found some possible explanations in the Zodiac.
  4. What would happen if Ebola really did come to the United States? If you’re not too afraid to look, the Atlantic has some answers.
  5. Bosses are mostly terrible (except for mine, of course), and they make you do terrible things in service of “workplace morale” or “building a habitable office environment.” The Guardian rounded up a collection of disastrous team-bonding efforts, including karaoke at a brothel.

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