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Why Every YouTube Video Looks Like a YouTube Video, What Happens When Your Photo Gets to the Front Page of Reddit and More #Mustreads

Examining the reappearing "YouTube room."


Buenos días!

Here are a few of the pieces Re/code is reading this morning:

  1. On Medium, Paul Ford explores “the YouTube room,” the ubiquitous curtain-drawn, beige-walled and white-doored spaces where seemingly every DIY Internet star gets his or her start.
  2. For many Reddit users, getting a post “upvoted” to the front page of the website is the apex of “the Reddit experience.” A photographer whose picture ended up there shared a few lessons learned about what it’s like getting such widespread recognition.
  3. RIP ReaganBook: The liberty lover’s social media network was shut down by trolls who barraged the site with porn. The Verge has details.
  4. New York Magazine has a number of articles up about “The Great Taxi Upheaval” and the myriad ways consumers can now arrange for private transportation. The whole thing is anchored by this piece from Christopher Bonanos about our strange, new post-taxi world.
  5. On a flight to Edinburgh, a woman denied cigarettes and a personal parachute began to assault her fellow passengers with … her prosthetic leg. If you want more, Jezebel has it.

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