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Nascar Says Mobile Is Driving Traffic, but Revenue Is Still a Lap Behind

Mobile drives nearly two-thirds of race-day Web traffic but less than 15 percent of digital sponsorship revenue.


While Nascar deals with a lot of issues that are unique to its business, when it comes to the mobile Internet, it faces a common challenge.

Mobile accounts for nearly two-thirds of Internet traffic on race day, but only about 10 percent to 15 percent of digital sponsorship revenue.

It’s “possibly a huge revenue driver one day,” said Colin Smith, managing director of Nascar’s digital efforts, speaking Wednesday at the MobileBeat conference in San Francisco.

That’s a common theme at the conference. Companies here have no shortage of cool ideas related to mobile, but are struggling given that, even as mobile usage surges, mobile advertising remains just a tiny fraction of overall ad spending.

Smith said there’s one area of Nascar’s business where mobile already dominates. “Mobile probably causes 75 percent of our headaches,” he said.

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