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Trailers: Gone Girl gets real

Ben Affleck in Gone Girl
Ben Affleck in Gone Girl
Gone Girl
Alex Abad-Santos is a senior correspondent who explains what society obsesses over, from Marvel and movies to fitness and skin care. He came to Vox in 2014. Prior to that, he worked at the Atlantic.

Look alive, people. It's time to shake off the languid march toward entropy that the 4th of July movie weekend wrought: there are new trailers that bring the promise of hope and delights.

The first of this week's crop is the second trailer for the David Fincher-directed Gone Girl, the highly anticipated adaptation of the book that seemingly everyone has read. The film, like adaptations of other highly-consumed works like the The Fault in Our Stars and, uh, Atonement, has had to figure out how to hook audiences who haven't read the book, without giving too much away, while simultaneously appealing to those who know how it all ends. (Or don't. The ending of the book has reportedly been changed for the movie, though author Gillian Flynn insists it hasn't been changed that much.) This second trailer gives us a bit more than the first. It properly spells out the disappearance of Amy Dunne; serves us dollops of Rosamund Pike's articulate whispers-cum-voiceovers; and teases us with appearances from Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry, and Sela Ward.

In keeping with the dark and moody, we also have a new trailer for Clouds of Sils Maria. See if you can, without the help of Wikipedia, figure out which actress — Chloë Moretz, Juliette Binoche, or Kristen Stewart — commands the central storyline of the movie.

Finally, Sylvester Stallone is apparently starring in a Crash-like movie called Reach Me with Nelly (the rapper famous for "Hot in Herre"). That collection of words is real, as is this line from the movie: "You're a finger painting; be a masterpiece." Like Crash, the movie is making clear that it's about characters who have nothing in common with each other (except appearing in the same movie). And just like Crash, expect some people to have very strong feelings on this one.