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As Expected, Twitter Names Stanton as Global Media Head; Promotes Her Boss Stricker to CCO

Re/code said it would happen and, presto, it did!


As Re/code reported two weeks ago was likely to happen, Twitter has named international head Katie Jacobs Stanton as global media head, adding to her portfolio the North America unit that was recently run by Chloe Sladden.

This move puts all media — an important part of Twitter — under the former Yahoo and Google exec. She currently works from Paris, but will be moving back to the Bay Area with the new title. The extraordinarily affable Stanton joins sales wonderboy Adam Bain in gaining more prominence at Twitter after the management shakeup that included the sudden departures of Sladden and COO Ali Rowghani.

She has been much in demand in tech circles, especially after a stint working for the White House and also for former Secretary Hillary Clinton at the State Department. For example, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer tried in 2012 to entice Stanton to run media for the Silicon Valley Internet giant. Stanton had previously worked for Mayer at Google, but no dice!

In addition to the promotion for Stanton, her boss Gabriel Stricker also got upped to the C-suite at the social communications company and is now its chief communications officer. There will be no living with him now that he has purview over media, communications and marketing (and the cafeteria selection of the day, for all I know).

What does this all mean, especially with the replacement of CFO Mike Gupta — off to spend mysterious Twitter dough at a still-unclear new strategery investment unit — with former Goldman Sachs banker Anthony Noto?

A possible sale of Twitter? Who knows! A shakeup of the media org? For sure! (They are looking for a TV head, for example.) More scrutiny of what moves CEO Dick Costolo — who will be winging his way to the famous Allen & Co. confab in Sun Valley this week — will make? Hey, Dick, don’t sit next to Google’s Larry Page or all those disgruntled reporters imprisoned in the lobby hopelessly pretending they rate will talk.

More on all that and more as soon as I take a few days off (#yesiamaloserforworkingonmysupposedvacation)!

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