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Crowdfunding Tool IgnitionDeck Buys Two Other Crowdfunding Tools

Gobbled up: Fundify and CrowdPress.


The biggest crowdfunding campaign of all time, for a still-in-the-works game called Star Citizen made by flight simulation geek hero Chris Roberts, has raised $47,677,657 … and counting.

A little over $2 million of that came in a Kickstarter campaign two years ago. But given that Kickstarter’s business model is to take a five percent cut of all money raised, you can understand the appeal, for Roberts, of raising more money on a crowdfunding platform with a flat fee while he continues to work on Star Citizen.

Enter IgnitionDeck, which makes WordPress plugins so publishers can add e-commerce to their sites. It powers the Star Citizen Campaign and many others for a flat fee between $79 and $349.

Today, IgnitionDeck announced it is acquiring two other WordPress crowdfunding tools with similar models: Fundify and CrowdPress. The value of the deals was not disclosed.

Maybe your crowdfunding campaign won’t raise $47 million dollars. Probably not! But still, if you raise $20,000 on Kickstarter, the deal is that you pay Kickstarter $1,000. If you have the power to drive that much interest to your own website, you might be able to save some money by staying independent.

Indiegogo, by the way, announced a plan to build a widget version of its crowdfunding tools at CES this year.

Correction: Cloud Imperium Games, which makes Star Citizen, no longer uses IgnitionDeck to power its crowdfunding efforts. While working together, the two companies raised about $9 million. More recently, Cloud Imperium has used an alternate product from Turbulent Media.

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