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Re/code on TV: Twitter's Latest Shakeup and Facebook Being Facebook

Our journalists take a break from scoops to share insight on the week's biggest stories.

Twitter was all over the news this week and Re/code journalists were all over TV discussing the breaking stories.

Our co-executive editor Kara Swisher appeared on CNBC to discuss Twitter’s hiring of former Goldman Sachs banker Anthony Noto and the game of musical chairs in the social network’s highest ranks.

I also made an appearance on CNBC to discuss the discovery of “Buy now” buttons integrated into some tweets, signaling the possible launch of Twitter’s e-commerce initiative.

Swisher was back on CNBC explaining why Facebook’s secret science test on its users is really par for the course.

On Tuesday, co-executive editor Walt Mossberg was a guest on CNBC to discuss his review of home movie app Animoto.

Lastly, Swisher was back on TV discussing Goldman Sachs’ request for Google to permanently delete an email containing sensitive information that was accidentally sent to a stranger’s Gmail account.

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